Friday, December 23, 2011

12.22.2011 First Dev Log Entry

Hi all.  I started this project eight years ago in LUA 5.0 and it has grown since then.

I'm not sure what I'll work on from day to day on the project, but it generally consists of overhauls at this point but a lot of the code is very good.  I might have another release by new years with afew things fixed..

I got the homepage up and running where you can find the current release and readme file:

And I added entries for Ascii Wilderness in the Roguebasin website so a lot of people have found it (like 100+ since last night when I put it up) so that's real cool.

--Worked hard yesterday getting deer and ghouls to herd depending on some internal variables.  Fixed graphics considerably, afew minor glitches to fix still.  Was glad to see ghouls waking up when they heard deer, chasing the deer, but waiting up for other ghouls before getting close to the destination.
--Glitch to work on:(isometric trees need to redraw their tops when a deer moves from on top of their upper section to a different square.)
--Glitch to work on: Enable bullseye blockage in line of sight, and then test out light sources - I want to make sure a bullseye lantern doesnt block light from nearby sources... its possible it doesnt and all I need to do to get them working is enable the strange code I wrote into the line of sight stuff for the bullseye lantern.

Thanks for taking an interest!

About me:
I'm 28, married, and I go to college part time and work part time. I am an amateur LUA programmer with a love of... Well, it all started when I played the game Rogue at age 12, then later angband, nethack, ADOM, Hengband, and the many variants. Something clicked, and I was in love. Eight years later I took up LUA programming and realized my dream was within my reach. True love never fades, so here I am eight years after that, plugging away at Ascii Wilderness. I've learned a ton about programming from trial and error, and feel much more confident to tackle future problems with the code, especially if I had some help from the Lua roguelike community. Thanks for taking an interest!

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