Friday, December 23, 2011

12.23.2011 Dev Log

--Fixed: Known Graphics Problems

I've been working on the graphics all day, I finally fixed the appearance of the forests when the player or deer were moving through them (they are sort of funky isometric trees and werent refreshing properly)

I uncovered a graphics bug that basically updates squares that are outside the players LOS and causes some other problems. It's sort of the result of trying to optimize things by not checking LOS all the time. A solution is not apparent. I suppose I could somehow have a "last-turn-los-check" that would tell me if a monster was LOSed last turn, and if it was, I could update it's trail "this" turn. That way, if it was off the screen last turn and had no "los check" for that turn, the trail would not be updated and so no "ghost mapped" squares outside your LOS will appear. (brain pains). Now that I see a solution, I think I'll sleep on it to best effect.

There's also a problem with the ghoul disappearing when I walk over him before he's been activated... will have to track down that bug.

but at least the damn forests look right.

--evening update:

After correcting some graphic problems, I created a problem. So I corrected that, which created another problem. I've narrowed it down to something having to do with the Line of sight code I think.. The deer graphics dont get updated when they leave certain squares in a forest where some trees block LOS. Maybe I will expirament with some LOS blocking walls to see if I can narrow down the problem.

--Later Night update: 8:58 PM

I SQUASHED THE BUGS. It turned out that my logic for graphically updating the square they had been standing on was pretty faulty. Took a break to write the dev log and for bodily functions and the solution came to me.

Tomorrow I'll create somemore bugs and squash those.

Current Stability: Good.

Update 9:39 PM: Wondering how much time I won't get to spend programming this game on christmas eve tomorrow. Ummm obsessed a little?

Update Late night: The one graphics bug is back. all well. work on it tomorrow.

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