Saturday, December 24, 2011

12-24-2011 Dev Log: Christmas Eve

11:45 AM - 12:00 AM coded and wrote Dev log:
Merry Christmas! Not sure how much programming I'll get done today. Time away from the code is just as good as sitting there fuddling with the code searching for errors.

On that note, I thought about the graphics problem and slept and fixed it in under one minute this morning.  Run it for afew minutes... Looks like the deer are NOT leaving graphics trails when trees block line of sight!  (epic winning). it was a problem with what variables I was passing to my line of sight.. It didn't likechecking line of sight deer-->player, it was returning false and not updating the graphic square, but when I checked line of sight player-->deer it refreshed the graphics just fine.

--New Bug: When the character moves to the edge of the screen and the new screen contains forests and deer, the spot the deer were the turn before you see them on the fresh screen is not drawn for some reason...  But it does get drawn and everything works fine if you emerge from a ditch into a forest, which refreshes the screen, no such "empty squares" appear.  Probably I need to take a break from coding and just mull it over.  At least I fixed the problems with the graphics trails while you and the deer were moving around in the forest.
 Funny thing is both stepping out of a ditch and walking to a new screen both use funcs.initmap to refresh the map, so I can only think that something funny must be happening with my single-spot-graphics-refresher when either the deer are far away or its a new screen... neither of which should be a variable.  Ugh.\

I got the Ascii Wilderness homepage up and running instead of using a blog entry for that.

I also wrote an article on getting your dungeon denizens to herd properly on Roguebasin.  The article is here:

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