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Ascii wilderness is a roguelike game where you wander the wilderness and craft objects.
Written in LUA 5.0.2 and using the SLANG graphics library for Win Xp/Vista/7.

Current Version: Pre-Alpha : minor features implemented
Stability: Good
The game runs by using slang.exe to execute the contained code in form of .lua files that can be altered before runtime for extra fun.

You can download the game at:

Or you can read the readme:

Or you can check out the Development Log:

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To contact the author, write to:

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PS-Most areas of code undergoing major rewrite..  I just hacked apart the deer code and stitched it back together.  Other areas that need serious attention: item creation, player commands, and usability of the axe and pick.

pps- I'm hoping someone will want to contribute some object serialization code compatable with lua 5.0.2... or I'll slog it out and write it myself eventually, so we can do savegames.

PPPS> I'm sure the wiki will come more into play when the game features are more fleshed out.

PPPPS> new: anyone can post comments on the blog.


  1. Transcribed Comments:

    Brian said...
    Interesting. Aiming to use the latest Lua or some older stripe of it going forward?

    December 22, 2011 11:03 PM
    Russ said...
    I will probably stick with the version that I know, I will have to dig out my manual and see which version I learned from. I don't tend to use higher-order functions very much, i stick to basic data processing and nothing fancy. Thanks for taking an interest!

    December 22, 2011 11:16 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Russ is using Lua 5.0.2 because that's what was out when I built the slang binding for him, and he has my old Programming in Lua book that documents Lua 5. The build is almost 8 years old, but as the saying goes, if it isn't broken don't fix it, and a newer/faster/fancier version can be done when it's needed. -Lucas

    December 22, 2011 11:56 PM

  2. looks interesting. any remote chance of it ever supporting multiplayer?

  3. probably not. im an amateur programmer. im willing to learn about it though for possible implementation... currently the engine is written around one possible player only.

  4. Keep it going, wilderness survival is a great theme!

  5. Good luck! I love the idea behind this, so I hope it works out.

  6. Huge fan of Unreal world. Looks very promising. Thanks for this, and please don't abandon it.

  7. I love the idea, I hope it will be continued.

  8. Replies
    1. Ive given up as a programmer. However, you should check out Cataclysm Dark Days ahead, it is a highly customizable post-apocalyptic zombie/wilderness survival game, a real roguelike with ascii graphics. I LOVE this game and you will too.

  9. your wilderness thematic is a nice idea… but you ought to step away from Microsoft-exclusivity. I'd have given it a try, if it had been POSIX/Unix-compliant and was playable on, eg., MacOS or Linux.

  10. Dude, you can find one of those ill-fated Microsoft machines in a dumpster for free, lol.