Thursday, July 10, 2014


hey friends. if you like the cloud i highly recommend dropbox, ive been using it for years on many devices. throw your college and work files in to your dropbox folder, throw your cell phone and laptop in the ocean, buy a new computer, install dropbox, boom theres all your important files. and you can drop files in your public folder and provide download links to your friends - thats no hassle fi...le hosting. i use dropbox for notes, important documents, etc. you can even share a folder with a friend so whaever you drop in that folder syncs to your friends dropbox devices. if you sign up using my link i get some extra space. the reason its only 2 gb of space is because it is the best and most compatible cloud service out there, its fast and and a lot of people use it. other companies offer 50 gb but they are not as good as dropbox and have a lot less customers. 5 stars.

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