Friday, July 11, 2014

Drop Box

Dropbox is a cloud storage service. Its incredibly useful for work, art, photos etc because you can drop whatever you want into your system of folders within your dropbox folder, and it's backed up to the cloud. that means if you throw your computer and phone in the ocean, get a new phone and install dropbox and all your files are there.

I use dropbox all the time for transferring files easily back and forth between laptop and phone.

I use it to store all of my stories and documents, because on my phone I can go into dropbox, open up a document and edit it, and when you save it saves back to your dropbox and the file is updated. It's very sleek.

Also, it's free file hosting. If you've got a few files to share, throw them in the "public" folder and then right click and select "copy link." Now you can share the link with all your friends and they can download your file from the dropbox server.

I highly recommend this if you want to prevent data loss or store important files. It's great on iphone too because it increases the usability of the phone drastically by allowing you to have some control over file transfers which are normally hampered with IOS.

Good luck, and happy drop boxing! Please use my referral link, so I can earn more space (I've earned 1.5 more gigs so far). Thanks!!

Info: start with 2 gigabytes free. other options available.
works with pc, mac, android, and ios

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