Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working on some fallout 3 mods. on the fallout nexus you can find my mod look for "GOWMK"

its a weapon kit system expansion.

im having a lot of fun now with fallout 3,

still have the roguelike in my mind and i know i could write it in 7 days.

Just taking it easy and working on different projects.

The roguelike will happen.

The roguelike will happen.

I just have to get my fill of FPS and then... ROGUELIKE!!!

or maybe FALLOUT REVAMPED - Survival crafting zombie apoc wilderness survival..

with procedural landscapes?????? i know nothing about those but guess what all the fallout 3 assets are there we just need a system for peicing them together in a coherent way.

I played skyrim, borderlands 2, and NV...


I'm playing with FWE + MWK + EVE + Xephas dynamic weather + dynamic crosshairs

and all kinds of other mods..  vanilla Fallout 3 SUCKS. modded = AWESOME

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