Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A New Game???

Ok so have you ever heard of minecraft? Neat game.. the worlds made of blocks, you can build with them, make survival things.  SO the author of that game wrote a game for a contest called "minicraft" which he wrote in 48 hours using god knows what language.  I can do that.

so I think I've accomplished with Ascii wilderness what I set out to accomplish.  I'm a better programmer, not the greatest, but i have an idea of what I can do with LUA, and its time to just start over.  I've experimented with this graphic system and that system and line of sight and complex algorithms.. so I know what I can program cleanly and what will end up getting messy.

So I have a new goal. I'm going to program a game.  It's not going to be post apocalyptic, it will be a roguelike wilderness survival game using Native American lore. (read: crafting tepees, longhouses, axes out of stone, flint, obsidian.. hunting game).

Goodybye Ascii Wilderness.  I will always borrow your code.

dont be sad, whats in the future is a game that I can complete in a sane amount of time.

so I think the first thing to do before i program anything.......

is make a design document....

its funny how you pick up the good ideas as you go along... LOL.

and as I design it im going to design the game to be "easily programmable" because i know my own limits and i dont need to throw myself against a wall to make this game engine.

so anyway I'm thinking about a new project and I'm making a plan on how i'm going to succeed and have something at the end that's playable and fun and simple and imaginative and also
conserves CPU.

have a nice day!

where's my pen and paper?

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