Saturday, June 8, 2013


rewriting my code.

I got a simple map up and running (2D, thank the gods)

its really small but it has some basics

you can build a firepit, a fence, or a wall by pressing "b"

the wall is impassable by the c haracter.

the firepit, you can stand over and press "a" to activate the fire.

if you stand over an activated firepit and press "c" you will cook 1 unit of rawmeat.

I've got this crazy idea like I can program a roguelike that doesnt use inventory..

i HATE inventory.. I love fallout 3 but what kills it is inventory management..

games are about having fun not managing items and scumming the traders.

no traderes.. no saves.. no inventory.

so far "rawmeat" is an internal value and so is "cooked meat"

not sure exactly where im going with this but i thought the community might like a look.

here's the address of the prototype:

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